About Us

desolate: des·o·late - adj

1. : devoid of inhabitants and visitors : DESERTED

Sitting alone in my darkened room on New Year's Day 2018, I was an ambitious, lonely, and introverted creative teen who spent all of my free time consuming everything involving streetwear, film and hip hop/music. I'd find myself always designing merchandise/album concepts for my favorite artists, editing photos and videos, and coming up with ambitious ideas of my own for clothing and fashion. My goal was to create something  that could inspire anyone in the same position. I wanted to somehow, some way construct a home for creativity, fashion, visual arts, and the love of music and streetwear. After finding the term that perfectly described my position in life at the time and conceptualizing the first few designs, Desolate was born. My plans at the time were bigger than I thought ever possible. Could a creative brand combining so much ever truly work? The answer, after months of trying, is yes. We think it can. Welcome to Desolate. We're glad you're here.

"DESOLATE". Our name. "LOST IN IT ALL". Our motto. These both represent the very position I was in when I started this brand. I had no idea where to go with my life and felt lost yet my ambitions were higher than ever. I also happened to be battling the worst of my lifelong anxiety/depression. Whether you're planning things out right now or are already living your dreams, I'm sure that word and phrase can apply to almost anyone at one point or another. Our goal is to take that and put a positive spin on it. You can be "lost" in anything, but there's always a way out, and while your life may seem desolate sometimes, it'll always get better.

In the end, Desolate has no label. We aren't just streetwear, we aren't just design, and we aren't just artists. This is a creative home. For the love of fashion, music, film, and anything else in between.

This small brand of ours still isn't exactly a global phenomenon yet but the goal is to become exactly that. We want to inspire and show anyone that despite being "lost in it all", you can still blow past it and achieve your dreams.

Whether you're a streetwear lover, music fan, artist, or someone into all things involving creativity, there's something here for you.

THANK YOU AND WELCOME. But most importantly, enjoy. You, the person reading this, means far more to me than you can imagine. Thanks for checking this out and giving a kid with a dream a chance.

- John

Founder/Owner :)